Home to Westcott Space Cluster, and with a number of innovative Space-related companies emerging, Buckinghamshire offers a great deal of careers in the Space sector.

Building next generation telescopes, engineering spacecraft, studying the solar system and outer reaches of the cosmos: these are just some of the innovative and exciting roles that could be yours if you choose a career in Space.

The opportunities are vast and endless with new technologies meaning that new roles are being created quicker than ever before. Space is one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, particularly within the 'Golden Triangle' (Oxfordshire, Cambridge, London), so here is our guide to creating a career in Space from right here in Buckinghamshire.


  • The specialised Westcott Space Cluster is located near Aylesbury. Here, it houses a growing number of space-related companies who are fast developing emerging technologies in fields such as rocket propulsion, 5G communications and autonomous systems. The Business Incubation Centre at Westcott also encourages the development of new companies in these areas.
  • The Westcott site has 10 years of big development plans underway which are anticipated to create 2,300 highly-skilled jobs in manufacturing and over 1,000 on-site technical apprenticeships.
  • A nationally-recognised facility for testing high-tech space propulsion systems lives within Westcott Venture Park - it is called the National Propulsion Test Facility.
  • Buckinghamshire is ranked 6th out of 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships for employment within the Space sector, as well as ranking 11th in Aerospace.
  • The Westcott 5G Step-Out Centre is vital to the UK’s 5G ecosystem. It helps to develop innovation and product prototyping. 
  • The Westcott Innovation Centre also offers businesses the opportunity to hire specialist equipment for light mechanical engineering and rapid prototyping within their flexible facility.


There are a number of key employers within the Space sector in Buckinghamshire, including Reaction Engines, Nammo, European Astrotech, Airborne Engineering and Surrey Satellites. Each of these companies work either nationally or internationally to create and develop emerging technologies for our Space sector.

Completing qualifications or apprenticeships in Engineering can help to access roles within these companies.


Looking to get into the Space Industry? You can find a variety of courses to launch your career right here in Buckinghamshire. Engineering and Science-based courses are common to study when you want to have a career in the Space sector. Use the list below as a starting point for what you could study to get you there. 

  • Milton Keynes College has engineering courses available from post-16 up to level 5 (HND), including a specialist Aeronautical Engineering course where you specialise in the knowledge and application of aerospace study. 
  • Cranfield University offer many courses relating to the Space sector, from Astronautics to Aerospace Vehicle Design.
  • Bucks New Uni offers 8 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate aviation courses.



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