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Whilst we’re not yet downloading our memories onto microchips or riding stationary bikes in exchange for currency as predicted in Black Mirror (thank goodness!), society’s increasing reliance on technology and artificial intelligence has had a huge effect on the career landscape.

Being a forward-thinking bunch here at Buckinghamshire Skills Hub, we’ve rounded up just some of the roles that are predicted to rise in demand over the next 15 years to help you make an informed choice about the future. Hover boots on? Let’s go.

Software Developer

Fun fact: nearly one third of the world’s population are gamers, so there’s never been a more exciting time to forge a career in the world of Fortnite, Roblox and Animal Crossing. As a software developer, you’ll turn the designer’s vision into a playable game using unique programming languages and engines. Think you’re up to the challenge?


From hijacking communication satellites to breaching sensitive data stores, opportunities to threaten national security have never been greater. Hackers to the rescue! No, not the Anonymous-kind – there are actually two types of hackers. Ethical hackers mimic the actions of their malicious counterparts to identify IT vulnerabilities and resolve them before an attack can take place. Think Superman vs Lex Luther.

Robotics Engineer

Our burning questions about the existence of life beyond Earth can only be answered by space exploration. At the heart of this quest are robotics engineers who enable us to go beyond human limitations, like withstanding extreme temperature, radiation and pressure. We all want to join Elon Musk on Mars one day, right?

Cryptocurrency Analyst

Since the launch of Bitcoin by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, the world has become obsessed with currency that exists digitally. Now, thousands of cryptocurrencies allow transactions to be made without banks, but it’s best to do this alongside an analyst who understands blockchain technology.

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