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Wellbeing Pathways programme

The recent funding acquired by Lindengate has enabled them to offer FREE places for adults aged 18+ with low to moderate mental health challenges on their Wellbeing Pathways programme. The programme's main focus is on preventing serious mental illness and supporting recovery, and it is built around the five ways to wellbeing. Through regular attendance, goal setting, and assessments, participants' needs are met at each stage of their development, leading to increased skills and confidence. As one individual stated, "Lindengate has been amazing for me as I don't get out much. It has been a lifeline for me and a connection to the outside world. Thanks!"#

The Wellbeing Pathways programme is a 3 to 6-month initiative that focuses on supporting individuals with low to moderate/common mental health diagnoses. The programme's aim is to enhance mental health, build confidence and promote healthy living through weekly 3-hour sessions in groups of up to 6 people. Participants engage in nature-based activities and set goals structured around the 5 ways to wellbeing - connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, and give. The programme also allows individuals to transition into becoming an apprentice volunteer or volunteer at Lindengate if they desire.

Apprentice Volunteering & Volunteering is available to support the community in staying healthy and independent for as long as possible while gaining valuable skills. The 6-week Apprenticeship volunteering course is designed to build confidence and teach new skills, with each person guided by an experienced volunteer. Individuals who attend the course have found jobs, returned to work, or become a volunteer at Lindengate. Transitioning from Wellbeing Pathways to Through the Gate is also possible, and regular or micro volunteering opportunities are available Tuesday-Saturday at Lindengate. Referrals can be sent to referrals@lindengate.org.uk.

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