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Skills workbook resources – Setting a goal

Goal setting can help you achieve everything from getting work experience to creating a standout CV and finding a good job.

If you’re here, you’re probably following the skills workbook. Bookmark this page – this handy guide will come in helpful whenever you want to get something done!

1.   Write a statement describing your goal, e.g. By next Friday I will have written a really strong CV for a job I’ve seen.

2.   Include a list of actions that breaks down all the things you need to do to reach your goal and allocate each action a deadline:

  • Read through my notes on how to write a CV – Monday

  • Read the job advert and underline the key things the employer is looking for – Monday

  • Make notes about my relevant experience and skills for the job – Tuesday

  • Talk to an adult who knows me well to check whether I have left out any of my key skills or attributes – Tuesday

  • Create a professional email address to use for all job applications – Tuesday

  • Write a first draft of my CV – Wednesday

  • Do a spell and grammar check – Wednesday

  • Do a second spell and grammar check – Thursday

  • Ask an adult to read over my CV and send me any comments by 10am on Friday – Thursday

  • Make any final corrections and save my CV to my job applications folder – 5pm Friday

Remember, your goals and deadlines might change depending on different circumstances. This means you should be prepared to be flexible. Revisit your goal-setting notes regularly to check you’re still on track or to see if you need to adjust the details or deadlines.

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