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Rewriting Careers in Rail

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Rewriting Careers in Rail

Amongst the misconception that careers within the rail industry consist solely of manual work, is also the notion that they belong only to the boys. Consider the patriarchy smashed when we tell you that rail is a truly welcoming and inclusive place for all to work. Historically, it has been male dominated and labour focused but today, we have seen a vastly increasing number of women undertaking some power-focused roles such as senior business manager, train drives and electrical engineers – all vital to ensuring the success and longevity of the industry.

The workforce has seen the percentage of females entering the rail sector from grom 8 to 17%. Although this is a huge achievement, The Routes into Rail team wants to see a 50/50 gender split and so do we. The only way to do this is to look beyond your local railway stations and consider the huge range of roles in this vast and growing industry. Not only does the industry need engineers and train drivers but it also needs employees with skills in digital areas to prepare the industry for the future world of work.

For a pick of our most sought after roles within rail and their respective salaries, look no further:

  1. Project Manager

    Average Salary: £48,199

    Are you great at overseeing things? Then maybe a career in project management where you will develop and deliver a project could be for you.

  2.  Construction Manager

    Average Salary: £37,932

    In the rail industry, construction managers are responsible for the organisation of railway sites including the responsibility of Health and Safety.

  3.  Rail Engineer

    Average Salary: £44,473

    Rail Engineers roles’ encompass different types of engineering including building new engines, repairing or replacing parts as well as admin work such as reports and record keeping.

  4.  Trackman

    Average Salary: £26,566

    The role of a Trackman (or woman- it is the 21st century you know) is to perform maintenance and construction work specifically on railroad tracks, bridges and rights of way. It’s a very hands-on and practical role.

  5.  Quantity Surveyor

    Average Salary: £37,000

    Quantity Surveyors manage all costs across any rail projects including forecasting, sourcing materials and valuing the work completed.

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