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National Grid Apprenticeships - 7 Great Reasons to Join

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National Grid Apprenticeships - 7 Great Reasons to Join

A National Grid Apprenticeship isn’t just about getting a job – it’s an opportunity to join a new generation of talent, charged with the destiny of shaping the future of energy. The apprenticeship programme will help you develop your skills through a combination of practical work and academic study, all the while providing you with the passion, skills and knowledge you need to power all of our futures.

Apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities and here are 6 reasons why joining National Grid as an apprentice could be the right choice for you:

Join the Net Zero Energy Workforce and help to save our planet. The energy sector is playing a huge part in cutting carbon emissions and reaching net zero by 2050 and you could be a part of that. You could:

  • Gain relevant qualifications and experience that will help you thrive in future-oriented job roles.

  • Gain skills that employers really want through a clear career path with support along the way.

  • Earn money whilst learning - you will receive a salary throughout your apprenticeship with free, full board accommodation whilst attending the training academy!

  • Enjoy benefits and little perks like a pension scheme and access to leisure facilities and more.

  • Build a social life with other apprentices both locally and nationally!

For more information or details on how to apply, click here: https://careers.nationalgrid.com/new-talent

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