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Five things you didn’t know about a career in HR

Let's talk about HR – the heartbeat of any successful organisation. Responsible for everything from recruitment and training to employee policy and benefits, it offers a rewarding career path that’s as diverse as the people it supports.

Here to reveal five things you probably didn’t know about a career in HR is local consultancy SYLO Beyond HR. With over a decade of experience creating people-led solutions for businesses in sectors including STEM, professional services and healthcare, you won’t find anyone more passionate about the subject this side of the M40. Over to you, SYLO.

  1. HR is like a choose-your-own-adventure

    From finding the perfect person to join a team (Recruitment) to making sure everyone is learning and growing (Training), HR provides many opportunities to discover your speciality. It’s not all paperwork and polices!

  1. HR is your backstage pass to any industry

    Every sector needs its own HR support, so you’re never limited to any one industry. Love the arts? Crazy about technology? HR could be your pass to working in a related field.

  1. HR is for everyone

    The idea that HR is for a specific type of person is very outdated. If you enjoy creating connections, solving problems and making people feel valued, HR welcomes you with open arms.

  1. HR is an international industry

    That’s right, HR isn’t just a western concept – reps are required all around the world. This allows you to work with a diverse range of cultures and communities, whilst learning to view things from new perspectives.

  1. HR embraces technology

    Forget the image of someone buried under paperwork – HR is constantly evolving to keep up with modern technology. In fact, today's HR landscape is all about embracing digital systems to streamline processes.

Considering a career in HR? Find out more at our upcoming Bucks Skills Show, where over 120 employers – including headline sponsor SYLO – will be on hand to answer your burning questions.

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