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Debunking accountancy career myths

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Accountant: it’s one of the most vital roles in any organisation and yet, it’s also one of the most mysterious. From tax and payroll to audits and analysis (it’s easy to see where the confusion comes from), accountancy offers an incredibly varied and rewarding career path, but what little people know about the profession often prevents them from seeing it as an attainable option.* Let’s fix that.

“You need high grades to become an accountant​​”

Whilst maths is an important part of accounting, the role is less about crunching numbers and more about problem-solving. You need to be able to find information, analyse and interpret data, and assess lots of little details without losing sight of the big picture. Therefore, a lot of admissions staff and employers look beyond grades.

“A finance degree is the only path into accountancy​​”

Not true! A variety of qualifications are now available for anyone considering joining the accountancy profession, including taking an apprenticeship straight from school or completing the ACA following a degree in any subject. The only downside to having lots of options is that each discipline has different requirements, so it’s important to do your research.

“Accountants are stuck in the office day"

The image of an accountant sitting behind a desk with a calculator is very outdated. Accountants are advisors, strategists and communicators, so their work can be as exciting as investigating financial crime or managing cybersecurity threats. This requires meetings, site visits and – in some cases – overseas travel!

*Source: Grant Thornton UK LLP

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