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Creative Industries

Did you know the last Banksy sold for an eye-watering £18.5m? When the street artist set about turning the art world upside down nearly 30 years ago, not many people would have thought he could make a living out of it. That’s the thing about the creative sector, by its very nature, it’s constantly changing.

So, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the industry beyond the traditional routes (painter, photographer, fashion designer…), follow us down these creative career paths off the beaten track.

If you like to draw… 

Doodlers wanted! As a Tattoo Artist, you can either work independently or for a studio, but most people learn the trade as an apprentice under a more experienced tattooist. You’ll need a natural flair for design, excellent hand-eye co-ordination skills and an extremely steady hand. 

Alternatives careers: Graphic Designer, Architect or Illustrator.

If you appreciate photography…

Did you know museums and galleries employ Curators to manage collections of artefacts or works of art? It can be a varied role that involves acquiring, caring for and displaying the collections, so a university degree or apprenticeship is the best route in. Beret optional. 

Alternative careers: Magazine Editor, Video Editor or Social Media Manager.

If you’re good at making things…

Product Designers improve the usability (or the capacity to perform tasks safely, effectively and efficiently, to those outside the industry) of items by creating new designs or enhancing existing ones. Sound interesting? You’ll want to look into Design degrees.

Alternative careers: Set Designer, Jeweller or Restorer.

If your favourite subject is textiles…

Why not use your awareness of trends to develop and deliver creative concepts as a Visual Merchandiser? This often involves curating, arranging and displaying items both inside a shop and its windows in a way that encourages customers to buy them. No degree required! 

Alternative careers: Stylist, Interior Designer or Costume Designer.

If you like working with computers…

When multiple images are put together to create an illusion of movement, this is called animation. An Animator is, therefore, very artistic and familiar with computer programmes, which can be studied at university. First assignment: watch hours of cartoons.

Alternative careers: Web Designer, Gameplay Designer or Product Designer.

Don’t end your research here – Buckinghamshire New University are accepting applications to the FREE Art & Design Saturday Club. From illustration to model making, students aged 13-16 are invited to explore new skills and meet people who can reveal further education and career opportunities. Apply now.

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