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"Don't be afraid if your friends take a different path..."

Studying Financial Studies and Business at GCSE and A-level led Isaac to discover a love for both subjects and a passion for pursuing either of them further into his career. Feeling that university wasn’t quite right for him, he began to explore the apprenticeship option as the idea of ‘earning and learning’ was something that sparked his interest - particularly as he preferred to put theory into practice.

This led to him undergoing an apprenticeship with Ashridge Group – a Security and Facilities Management Provider who provide security guards to protect sites as well as manage other forms of facilities services. Not knowing the industry very well prior to joining, Isaac has been able to develop a real interest and understanding of how the industry works, the sites they protect and the skills needed to communicate with employees and customers. After two years, he successfully completed a Level 3 AAT Accounting Apprenticeship and has continued to work for Ashridge Group since, recently becoming part of the Payroll Department, moving up from his original Accounts Assistant role.

Isaac has seen his confidence grow throughout his apprenticeship, prospering both personally and professionally through team activities and socials as well as being able to develop relationships with his colleagues to promote togetherness, particularly through the pandemic. Being able to grow good connections with his managers and colleagues allowed Isaac the ability to communicate effectively to ensure that he was using his work and study days in a way that suited his Apprenticeship as well as his employer, who he found to be extremely supportive, encouraging and flexible throughout the whole process.

Having had many reflections through his Apprenticeship. Isaac had the following to say about his personal experience:

"You become a valued member of the team and you develop skills - such as accountability, resilience and time-management - that are desirable by employers. You gain an industry-recognised qualification as well as earning a salary and I would therefore say to anyone wishing to study in an apprenticeship, take your time researching for one. Whatever route you choose, make sure it is the best route for yourself personally, do not be afraid if your friends take a different path. Try to weigh up the positives and negatives, choose what you believe to be more suited to your skills and your personality, choose what is best for your personal development."

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