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WOW Show Pharmacy careers package

WOW Show Pharmacy careers package
The WOW Show is launching an exciting new interactive careers package to help students learn all about the vital role of the Pharmacist.
This is particularly timely as your students will be hearing in the news how Pharmacists are taking a leading role in the fight against COVID-19. Two new WOW Show films are integrated into four flexible classroom modules of 30-60 minutes each which bring the world of the Pharmacist vividly to life, challenging perceptions and stereotypes and offering new insights into how their roles are adapting to future health needs in the community.

The content comprises:
• Module/lesson 1 immerses the students in what pharmacy is and what pharmacists do including the vital role the profession has played throughout the COVID pandemic
• Module/lesson 2 lets students appreciate some of the essential skills pharmacists need and allows the students to experience some bespoke training techniques centred around active listening, similar to those that pharmacist undergraduates undertake
• Module/lesson 3 uses two new special WOW Show films to take students on virtual workplace experiences, meeting different pharmacists and seeing them at work in a variety of healthcare settings
• Module/lesson 4 lets students know how they can become part of this profession and/or find out more from the wealth of valuable information sources that are curated in this lesson


What do Pharmacists do?
Day in the Life - Claire, the Pharmacist

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