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Explore Construction : Build an Exciting Future in Construction

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Watch the 3 minute video in conjunction with an expansive set of teaching resources and learning packs for students, to help explore the breadth of careers available in the Construction Sector - it's not just about building! 

There are 3 teacher packs which provide additional information about the film and student packs, and activity ideas. There is one for teachers of students who are learning at Entry level and level 1, one for teachers of students learning at level 1 and one for teachers of students preparing for or learning at level 2 or above.  

There are 4 student packs which are designed to support career development so provide a wider benefit and are not just for students who might be interested in construction. The packs are broadly differentiated into the following groups: 

  • There is one for students learning at level 2 and 3 which we have designed to be accessed independently but you can of course support students to access the materials. This might suit students in years 11, 12 and 13. 

  • There is a student pack for those starting Level 2 courses which might be ideal for students in years 9 and 10. 

  • A third pack is designed for students who are learning at level 1, likely to be suitable for students in year 8 or those who are learning in specialist settings. 

  • There is a fourth pack for students who are learning at entry level who are likely to be attending a specialist school. 

The CITB would like your feedback to help improve their resources - so please use the feedback form supplied. The evaluations are very important because the CITB need to demonstrate the impact of the film and learning materials. Please enable your students to fill theirs in - it takes just a few minutes. There is a form for teachers as well - please fill that in, especially if your students are not able to and let us know how many watched the film. These can be accessed via the website. 

Ideas for delivery:

  1. The film can be shown in assembly style settings, followed by Q&A. 

  2. Small groups can watch the film and complete a simple recall activity. 

  3. Students can watch the film and complete activities from the learning materials most appropriate to their stage of learning. 

  4. The film can be paused for presenters to add more detail about specific roles and references. 

  5. Students can be given buzzwords to listen for during the film, such as Apprenticeship, or Hydraulics. Presenters can provide definitions and more information about these buzzwords afterwards and signpost students to key pages in the learning materials. 

  6. The film can support workshops on career pathways; apprenticeships; workshops which focus on specific careers in construction, such as carpenter; what working in construction is really like; and different types of construction projects. 

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