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Careers in Buckinghamshire – WOW Show special

See for yourself the amazing sectors we have on our own doorstep in Buckinghamshire in this short film full of local Labour Market Information (LMI).

From high performance engineering at Silverstone to the space industry and rockets at Wescott Space Centre. From the creative industries at Pinewood studios to Health and Social Care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and construction with HS2 and East West Rail.

There are loads of exciting things going on right here in Bucks – why would you want to work anywhere else?

You can use this video in assemblies or at the start or end of lessons or why not use within a lesson using the resources below. 

Accompanying lesson resources

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To accompany the video we have professionally produced a suite of 30-40 minute flexible lessons to support each student year group written in line with National Curriculum careers learning requirements and mapped to the CDI framework. Each lesson has a comprehensive Power Point lesson in conjunction with a written lesson plan mapped to
the PSHE curriculum to ensure that any subject teacher can use these resources without prior preparation and to help facilitate maximum benefit and usage.

The lessons demonstrate how jobs are changing nationally but specifically focus on which sectors are increasing in Buckinghamshire. We also have a lesson targeted at SEND students and a general, assembly-type lesson. 
These lessons are designed:

  • to help young people develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make successful choices and manage transitions in learning and work.
  • provide opportunities for young people to develop knowledge and understanding of work and enterprise, to develop skills for enterprise and employability and to learn through direct experiences of work and enterprise.
  • prepare students for the world of work, sharing the opportunities they have in their local area.
  • to link to National Curriculum objectives and outcomes for 2020-21 and beyond.
  • to provide Career leader documentation/notes to be included in the plans.
  • to include activities to spark debate, discussion, and questioning.
  • to include feedback and discussion opportunities beyond the lesson through teacher evaluation, assessment and recording.
You could turn this into an interactive employer encounter by asking your Enterprise Adviser (or one of their network) to present it, with a teacher overseeing the lesson.

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