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Career Development Institute SEND training

Career Development Institute SEND training
The CDI have been working with Talentino, career leaders and career guidance practitioners to develop two new courses aimed at those working to support young people with SEND. The courses are offered with both accredited and non-accredited pathways.  

CDI Certificate for Education Staff Who Provide Career Support for SEND Students (Level 4)

The level 4 Certificate is aimed at those working within an education setting, for example a Special School, FE College or a mainstream school focusing on young people with SEND who provide career related learning and support students in their career journey but who are not level 6 Career Guidance qualified and therefore not qualified to deliver personal career guidance.

This course will not equip someone to become a qualified career guidance professional but rather it is for someone in a support role who would benefit from a structured and accredited course which will build on their background experience of careers, and broadens their knowledge around the early career development of young people with SEND.

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CDI Certificate for Qualified Career Guidance Practitioners Supporting SEND Students (Level 6)

The Level 6 Certificate is aimed at Personal Careers Advisers/Career Coaches who already have a recognised Qualification  at level 6 or above.  Please note that only those qualified at level 6 or above in Career Guidance and Development  are qualified to provide personal career guidance

There are currently no existing qualifications for specialist advisers who work with SEND or specialist training within the qualification pathways.  This training addresses this gap and is available as either a non-accredited or accredited course.  It is suitable for those who are new to working with a SEND caseload and for those who wish to develop their skills and knowledge

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At present the training is offered online using zoom. They would be happy to deliver face to face when that is allowed. If you would like further information, please contact Marion Edwards, CDI Academy Manager at marion.edwards@thecdi.net

Quotes from partners:

“We expect such a lot of our staff! I think the course will be invaluable in providing a framework to skill up careers assistants working in the field of SEND. The Level 4 workbook has a wow factor: amazing and comprehensive”. Maurice George, Assistant Head Brookfields School, Reading.

'The Level 4 Workbook  is very thorough, informative, and engaging. I think it is an excellent resource'. Oliver Jenkins CSW Group

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