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Top 5 Skills for a Career in Law

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Prospects have recently released a guide to careers in law here. This guide is jam-packed with advice and information about career pathways into the legal sector – meaning all the information you may need is in one neat and handy place. Easy, right?

With information from firms hiring talented students and graduates as well as guides on whether becoming a solicitor or barrister is right for you, there is something for every law-aspiring go getter out there.

One thing you may have wondered, is what skills do you need to be a good match to a career in law? Although there are many different job roles within the sector, there are some skills and qualities that are integral no matter what legal role you head into.

Our top 5 picks are:

  1. Attention to Detail

    Accuracy is one of the most important skills within a legal career. Attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar are vital for legal documentation and career reputability.

  2. Communication

    Ah, the age old skill that transcends all careers! Being able to communicate effectively is vital when debating or trying to persuade others. It is also imperative to building relationships and confidence with clients etc. Both verbal and written communication is key in any legal based role.

  3. Data Analysis

    No matter your legal based role, you will need to be excellent at consuming, assimilating, analysing, and distilling large amounts of data, usually written information. Being able to identify relevant information and explain it concisely and effectively is a skill like no other!

  4. Teamwork

    As in most roles, teamwork is imperative. No case is won with one man or woman and most victories are a team effort. You will be working alongside senior roles, trainees, members of the judiciary and more.

  5. Organisation

    In order to be an effective legal sector employee, every job role requires a degree of meticulous organisation. Whether that is through research, drafting legal documents, managing case files, networking with professionals or attending court hearings – all roles require you to be systematic in your approach to your work.

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