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How to Ace the Henley College Application Clinic

How to Ace the Henley College Application Clinic

On Saturday the 7th May from 9.30am-12pm, The Henley College are running an Application Clinic. The aim of this is to provide you with the opportunity to apply for your chosen course(s) for 2022/23, have an interview with the academic staff, and walk away with a conditional offer, in under 60 minutes. All you need to bring is a copy of your most recent school report and proof of ID (a birth certificate or a passport).

The Admissions Team will be on hand to assist with the application form, check any documentation, and answer any questions you may have about your journey to enrolment. Academic staff will be available to offer information, advice and guidance about your chosen subject(s) and where these can lead. Students who have already applied but need some extra help with completing their application are also welcome.

So what types of things do you need to think about before turning up on the day? See below for a list of tips to help you ace your 60 minutes.

  1. Manage your Nerves - Nerves can sometimes get the best of all of us. They cause us to be clumsy with our words, loose our train of thought or in worst cases can bring on severe anxiety and its range of symptoms. A good way to manage interview nerves is to have a loose plan of what you want to say in your interview. For example, write yourself a basic script of answers to questions such as 'why do you want to study this course?' 'what would you like to do in the future as a career?' and 'why do you think you would succeed in this course'. Having answers to pull on can be helpful in making you feel prepared and less nervous.

  2. Be Organised - Ensure you have all your documentation organised in a folder, ready to hand over to the staff on the day. If you are applying for an arts based course, this could also include a portfolio of your work to show the academic staff your capabilities. Being organised is also about being there on time, looking smart and feeling calm.

  3. Be Prepared - Prepare yourself prior to your interview by researching into the course(s) you are applying for. Find out about what learning is involved, where it can take you and what you may need during your course time. Write some questions to ask the staff so that you can walk away feeling satisfied with the information you have also gained.

Booking for this day is essential and you can register for your slot here. Good luck!

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