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Explore and make career and learning decisions with Lifepilot

Explore and make career and learning decisions with Lifepilot
Visit www.life-pilot.co.uk to find information and advice to help adults starting from a range of pathways and tools to help them explore and make career and learning decisions, including a new section of retraining opportunities for those whose jobs have been hit by the pandemic. You will also find:  
  • Skills map – To help adults find out what skills they have and use them to search and apply for jobs & courses
  • A resource finder – a place where users can find information and resources to suit their needs
  • Full suite of careers tools to bookmark, save information and plan next steps! 
  • Information on jobs, courses, providers and qualifications
  • Short activities to help with improving skills and building confidence
  • Video stories from real people about their work and study experiences

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