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Easter hols survival guide

With the Easter holiday hopping into view, it’s time to plan how you’re going to balance hours binge-watching Netflix and stuffing chocolate with some career planning. No need to go hunting – we’ve already found the most egg-cellent work experience, workshops and culture trips to keep you busy over the two-week break. Cracking.

Join a book club

Why not use the Easter break to get a head start on the National Teen Book Club’s April read: King of Dead Things by Nevin Holness. Curated in partnership with Penguin, the book club is a brilliant opportunity for budding writers to sharpen their critical thinking skills. As well as joining monthly discussions with other members, you’ll be treated to talks from people working in the publishing industry.

Gain work experience

A recent survey revealed two thirds of employers look for graduates with practical knowledge of their chosen career, so you better start filling the bank. From Architecture to Social Care, Springpod offers virtual work experience across a huge range of industries. The courses take roughly 10 hours to complete and during this time, you’ll get to meet experts in the field, complete mini-activities and gain industry insight – all from the comfort of your sofa. If you’re looking for in-person opportunities, check out our always-up-to-date list of local work experience providers.

Watch an inspirational video broadcast

“I wanted to be an actor but directing suited me better…” With VIP guest speakers from The Bridge Theatre, Pinterest, BBC and Guinness World Records, Speakers for Schools’ Broadcast Video Library is worth getting square eyes for (JOKE). Each 45-minute video provides an overview of the speaker’s career, successes and challenges to help you make an informed choice about your own path.

Check out an exhibit

Whether you're looking for career inspiration or want to impress interviewers with your industry knowledge, a trip to a local museum can provide both. Over at The Ashmolean, Brugel to Rubens offers insight into how the Flemish masters of drawing honed their skills. The MK Gallery will transport you to 1950s New York with its exhibition dedicated to the pioneer of post-war colour photography Saul Leiter.But true culture vultures won’t want to miss the History of Science Museum’s new collection of Persian astrolabes and German sundials.

Catch up on revision

With exams just around the corner, it’s no surprise April is National Stress Awareness Month. But our six tips on revision planning, approach and practice will help the moment you turn over that first paper seem less daunting – especially if you get a head start over the next two weeks. We’ve also curated a guide to finding calm if it all gets a bit too much. And breathe…

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