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Careers Within Research

Have you ever thought about what a career in Research looks like? Imperial College London have created webinars dedicated to meeting researchers and finding out about the careers that underpin new and exciting finds in everything from chemistry to engineering.

The webinars can be found here and include information on how the researchers got to where they are now, what excites them about their field of research and what their current projects are!

But what is exactly is research and how would you get into a career within it?

In order to go into a career in research you need the following:

  1. Firstly, you need to have excellent skills in collecting, organizing, analysing and interpreting large sets of data by using different research methods.

  2. You need to have a dedication and passion towards the area of research that you are wanting to go into.

  3. A strong academic background in the area of research is a must- this usually looks like an undergraduate degree, masters and perhaps a doctoral degree sometimes too. You might be lucky and land a junior research assistants role or something similar with just an undergrad!

  4. Curiosity and innovation alongside other skills are vital in this type of career – be sure to foster these throughout your education!

If you are interested in a career within research, start thinking now about how you can turn this idea into a reality by working your way through the list above. Good luck!

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