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Buckinghamshire Growth Sectors: Health and Social Care

Life Science, Healthcare and Social Care
There are currently 165,00 vacant jobs in the adult care sector.

Forget travelling to the big smoke for work. Home to a thriving space industry, major film and TV studios and hundreds of dynamic businesses helping to make our planet cleaner and greener, Buckinghamshire is where it’s at for an exciting career.

Don’t believe us? Every month we’ll be hitting you with the latest stats and facts around one of our local growth sectors. That’s an area of commercial business developing at a greater pace than others in the county and, in turn, providing more job opportunities, higher salaries and better benefits.

First up: Health and Social Care.


Employing 2.8 million workers, Health and Social Care covers any service or organisation that helps people live independent, healthier lives. Therefore, a career in this sector could see you based at a hospital, dental surgery, care home or nursery. No two days in Health and Social Care are the same, that’s for sure!


Besides providing opportunities to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the sector offers 100s of roles – Care Worker, Personal Care Assistant, Mental Health Nurse, Ambulance Driver and Midwife to name a few – ongoing career progression and long-term job security. We can’t see ourselves receiving medical attention from a robot in this lifetime, can you?


Around 1,500 Health and Social Care organisations operate in Buckinghamshire, including three of the world’s top 30 medical device manufacturers: Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare and Danaher Corp. ­Other key players are the NHS, Pfizer and The Fremantle Trust.


From entry-level roles and apprenticeships (fun fact: it’s the fastest growing sector for apprenticeships in the county) to relevant degrees and graduate training programmes, there is a pathway into Health and Social Care to suit any type of learner.

For an in-depth look at Health and Social Care roles, head over to the Sectors area of our website.

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