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"My teaching degree gave me the confidence to stand up in front of people and share my knowledge and passion" - Emma White


This success story comes from The University of Buckingham.

Hoping to become a qualified teacher, I came across the School of Education at the University of Buckingham. Buckingham had a great reputation and offered a highly regarded teaching qualification which allowed me to study and train as a teacher whilst working in a school at the same time. I was able to experience being a teacher during term time, work on reading and coursework, and then attend the lectures and contact modules during the school holidays. I was always well supported by my tutor and it was fantastic to mix with a large group of friendly, like-minded people who I was able to share experiences with, and relax with when not studying.

After completing my PGCE I worked as a Geography Teacher at a secondary school in Yorkshire for two years, before leaving to work as a Luxury Travel Consultant specialising in Europe. The travel industry was hit hard by COVID-19 and after being furloughed for a period of time I decided to take voluntary redundancy. Since then, I have started my own yoga and meditation business, “Root to Rise”.

My passion for teaching the practice of yoga to others stems from the significant changes it has brought to my own life. Yoga builds mental resilience, courage and confidence, and I believe that it has something for everyone. It can have huge benefits in the corporate workplace, as well as on the sports field, or in day to day life. I love being able to spend my time sharing a practice I am passionate about and putting all my energy into something which is completely my own.

My experience working and training as a Secondary School Geography Teacher at Buckingham has undoubtedly given me valuable skills in communicating and transferring skills and information to others. My teaching degree gave me the confidence to stand up in front of people and share my knowledge and passion with them, and it gave me the skills and tools to do so in an effective way. It was certainly an important stepping stone on the pathway to being where I am today.

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