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Want to make the most of the new academic year?

Behold, your cheat-sheet to 2022/23’s careers events. There’s loads of exciting stuff going on in Buckinghamshire over the next year, which we’ve painstakingly pared down to five key shows, festivals and campaigns to help you identify the path to your dream role. Ready with a red marker? Let’s get planning.

National Apprenticeship Week | 6-12th February 2023 | Multiple locations

Now in its sixteenth year, National Apprenticeship Week is an annual celebration of – you guessed it – apprenticeships. The week will see 1,400+ virtual and in-person events take place across the country, including several opportunities to explore whether this alternative to university is for you. More details available soon.

Buckinghamshire Skills Show | 8th-9th March 2023 | Stoke Mandeville Stadium

The Buckinghamshire Skills Show is back – and if the success of this year’s event is anything to go by, you can expect great things from 2023. Over 120 businesses across a range of sectors – Disney Studios, Amazon and MK Dons to name but a few – will gather in Stoke Mandeville Stadium for two days of careers inspiration. We’re talking interactive stands, shows and talks. More details available soon.

National Careers Week | 6th-11th March | Online

Championing free Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG), National Careers Week aims to provide a UK-wide focus for careers guidance activity. The 2023 programme hasn't been released yet, but it promises to get you excited for the future at a time in the academic year when you'll be required to make important decisions.

MK Job Show |24th-25th March 2023 | Centre:MK

You wouldn’t be blamed for feeling fed up with scrolling through endless job sites and completing online assessments, just to wait by a phone which never rings. MK Job Show to the rescue! The ‘UK’s most attended recruitment event’ will showcase over 70 businesses actively looking to fill roles, including (watch your feet – we're about to name drop) H&M, Network Rail, Santander and Nikon.

Careers Jam | 27th April 2023 | Online

Would you believe us if we told you could prepare for your future from the comfort of your sofa? Introducing Careers Jam. Aimed at 16-24-year-olds, the digital careers fair will feature a variety of panel discussions and workshops for industry leaders to share their experiences, advice and tips. Employers, training providers and educators will also host virtual booths where you can browse information, apply for jobs and arrange one-on-one meetings. Registration required.


Green Careers Week | 7th-12th November 2022 | Online

According to a global survey led by Bath University in 2021, around 60% of young people are ‘worried’ about climate change. If you’re one of these young people, check out last month's inaugural Green Careers Week on Twitter. The national campaign, supported by STEM.org.uk, The Royal Society and the Met Office, aimed to educate the future workforce about emerging technologies and opportunities that will change the world for the better.

Futures Festival | 18th-19th November 2022 |Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios Futures Festival is where it’s at if you’re looking to break into the movie or TV industry in a behind-the-scenes role. From catering and groundskeeping to directing and set design, this event offered 14–22-year-olds an opportunity to explore hundreds of career paths through immersive experiences. Highlights included a series of panels and workshops with high-profile names like Disney and Sony.

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